29 NOVEMBER 2016 – The new Meisterline Analytics website is now live at Starting today, lawyers can measure their expertise on the Meisterline Index™ by accessing our online Expertise Assessment services, and clients can learn how to us our expertise ratings to pre-qualify outside counsel. We’ve also launched our new Twitter account @Meisterline_ which everyone can follow for updates. 






The Meisterline Index™ is a unique, science-based lawyer rating service that uses cognitive modeling and proprietary algorithms to measure the expertise of lawyers both individually and relative to their peers. The Meisterline Index is designed to provide deeper insights and more objective data than other lawyer rating services and directories.


To learn more about the origins of the Meisterline Index, which is currently available to clients and attorneys in the UK, Canada and Australia, click here.




We created the Meisterline Index to address one of the biggest challenges that clients and law firms face when hiring lawyers: Objectively measuring how expert those lawyers really are. We also wanted to help individual lawyers track their development as experts in their chosen areas of legal specialization.




Clients can use the Meisterline Index to pre-qualify those lawyers and legal teams who are the right fit for their needs. Our expertise ratings can show which lawyers have (or don’t have) sufficient expertise in a given area of law, and which are over-qualified or are quoting fees that can’t be justified based on their expertise alone. They can also identify associates who are billed as specialists yet only have basic skills in the relevant area of law.


Lead partners, in-house counsel and professional project managers can embed the Meisterline Index’s quantitative metrics into their management systems. This can facilitate more objective lawyer-hiring and staffing decisions, and make it easier to explain those decisions to senior management.




Just as importantly, the Meisterline Index empowers individual lawyers by enabling them to track – and objectively measure – their own cognitive development as legal specialists. We’ve even created a Self-Assessment service so lawyers can learn about their cognitive profiles confidentially and for free. Click here to learn more.




The Meisterline Index uses two quantitative metrics: Expertise ratings and expertise ratings bands. The higher a lawyer’s expertise rating, the higher their expertise ratings band and the greater their assessed level of expertise in the relevant area of law. The chart below shows how these ratings and their associated ratings bands align with different levels of specialist legal expertise.



The Meisterline Index - Measuring Legal Expertise


More detailed descriptions of these metrics and what they represent – including summaries of the qualitative differences between lawyers in different ratings bands – are provided on our Ratings page.




For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Dr. Peter Macmillan

Founder & CEO

Meisterline Analytics



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